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TagBlue Reflective Survey Target "Retro" Range

All of our targets are available in self adhesive for permanent stations, and magnetic for temporary traverses and short period stations. The range of sizes will suit a wide variety of conditions and give accurate readings even at longer distances. We hold a large quantity of standard target sizes in stock and we have the less popular sizes made to order. As we understand that it is important for a company to identify its control stations, should you want a company logo or a different design on the target, this can be added free of charge for orders over £200. Should you want a company logo on a smaller quantity of targets please contact us for a quote.


Low Cost Tilting Reflector



Customised Company Targets


Stand out from your competitors with these customised company targets

  • Create a professional image for your company
  • Identify your targets on a site by displaying the company logo on your targets

  • Please email if you would like to customise your targets
  • A £40 setup fee will be charged for any order under £200 to cover the design of the artwork. This fee will be credited once a customer has ordered £200 of customised targets. 
  • The £40 fee will be waved if a customer is able to supply their artwork in EPS file format.
  • The customised targets are recommended for the 40mm targets and above, should you wish to customise a smaller target please contact us to discuss. 

Reflective Survey Targets Silver